National Mutt Day 2023: Wishes, Messages & Quotes

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National Mutt Day 2023: Wishes, Messages & Quotes is a day to commemorate all mixed-breed dogs, popularly known as mutts! This day was developed to encourage the adoption of mixed-breed dogs from shelters and rescue organizations. Millions of mixed-breed dogs are waiting for forever homes in shelters around the United States. Adopting a mongrel allows you to save a life while also getting a loving furry friend! If you’re thinking about adding a four-legged member to your family, consider adopting a mutt on National Mutt Day, December 2, 2022.

What is National Mutt Day?

Every year on December 2, the United States celebrates Mutt Day. It’s a day to celebrate all mixed-breed dogs, popularly known as mutts! Mutts are frequently disregarded in shelters in favor of purebreds, yet they make pretty good pets. Mutts come in many forms and sizes, and each one is unique.

National Mutt Day’s Origins

Dogs have been our devoted friends since prehistoric times. They’ve stayed at our sides through thick and thin, showering us with unconditional love and affection. In return, we’ve treated them like family, providing them with a pleasant home as well as lots of food and exercise. Our love for dogs is so deep that they have their own holiday – National Mutt Day! This holiday was designed to honor all mixed-breed dogs, popularly known as mutts. It’s a day to celebrate the many excellent features of these dogs and to encourage adoption from shelters and rescues. National Mutt Day Quotes

So, how did National Mutt Day come about? Colleen Paige and Alex Szydlowski, two animal welfare advocates, founded the holiday. They chose December 2nd as the date for National Mutt Day because it is the same day that the first American president, George Washington, acquired his dog, a small black and brown terrier named Sweet Lips. Since its conception, National Mutt Day has become a popular yearly occasion observed by dog lovers across the country. So, if you have a mutt at home, remember to treat them extra special on December 2nd!

National Mutt Day Quotes

Why Do We Celebrate?

There are numerous reasons why we celebrate National Mutt Day. This holiday honors all mixed-breed dogs, popularly known as mutts. Mixed-breed dogs are some of the most affectionate and devoted friends anyone could wish for. They come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has its own distinct personality. Mixed-breed dogs are frequently healthier than purebred dogs because they have a more diverse gene pool.

This means kids are less likely to inherit genetic illnesses from their parents. Mutts are also more versatile than purebreds, making them excellent family pets. Why not adopt a mixed-breed dog to acknowledge National Mutt Day? You might make a new best buddy!

How to Celebrate National Mutt Day 2023?

On December 2, National Mutt Day, let’s recognize and honor all the mixed-breed dogs out there! Here are a few engaging ways to celebrate:

  1. Throw a mutt-themed party! Decorate with paw prints and bone-shaped balloons, and serve dog-friendly treats like cupcakes or doggy biscuits.
  2. Make a gift to your local shelter or rescue in celebration of all the wonderful mutts out there.
  3. Go on a stroll or hike with your mixed-breed dog and spend some quality time together in nature.
  4. Share photographs and tales of your own mutt on social media using the hashtag #NationalMuttDay to help spread the love.

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