World Prematurity Day 2023: History, Theme, Quotes & Speech

World Prematurity Day 2023: History, Theme, Quotes & Speech – established by the March of Dimes, we take a minute to demonstrate empathy and support to families who are dealing with the stress of preterm newborns. Our affection for our children begins the moment they are born. World Prematurity Day serves as a reminder of premature infants and the potential health risks they may experience as they grow older. World Prematurity Day is an opportunity to show how much we care for and support these tiny people. Every year on November 17th, World Prematurity Day is commemorated to promote awareness of premature births and the worries that preterm infants and their families face around the world. Every year, over 15 million preterm births occur, or one in ten of all births.

The most common cause of death for children below the age of five globally is preterm delivery. Given that the initial country-level estimates indicate that 15 million children are born prematurely globally and that rates are rising in the majority of nations with learned-to-adjust trend data, immediate action is always called for to address preterm birth. Preterm birth is essential for achieving the Millennium Development Goal 4 (MDG) of ensuring the survival of all children by the year 2015 and beyond. It also adds value to efforts made in maternal health (MDG 5), which has a link to non-communicable diseases. Families and healthcare systems may be impacted by the added burden of prematurity-related disability for premature infants who survive. Prematurity Awareness Month is in November.

World Prematurity Day 2022

History of World Prematurity Day 2023

On November 17, 2011, a day dedicated to bringing attention to the millions of children born prematurely each year was established. Although American medical practices and technology have advanced over time, premature infants still have a high risk of developing cerebral palsy, developmental delays, hearing loss, and vision impairment. A quarter of all newborn deaths are caused by premature deliveries, despite the fact that the United States has a low neonatal mortality rate compared to the majority of the rest of the world. The goal of World Prematurity Day is to raise awareness of the risks and difficulties associated with premature births, as well as practical, affordable remedies. It also aims to show support for the families of premature infants. Nevertheless, a lot of premature infants survive to adulthood in perfect health, and some even go on to become well-known leaders like Winston Churchill as well as Albert Einstein.

Upload images on Social Media

World Prematurity Day 2023: Many individuals have never witnessed a premature infant. Posting images of premature infants on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram can have a positive impact. It could be unsettling to watch such tiny people in incubators or with wires sticking out of their mouths. But it’s a crucial approach to draw attention to the issue of premature births. Your image might just spark a revolution.

Transmit A Care Package

Preemie care kits are sponsored by numerous organizations. These gifts frequently include doll-sized clothing as well as miniature bottles, diapers, and blankets. Additionally, some hospitals offer these items free of charge to parents of newborns weighing under three pounds. Alternatively, simply make some purchases and give them to someone new.

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Remove The Purple

The designated color for National World Prematurity Day is purple. Get a paisley pattern tattoo or wear the purple ribbon pin. Use a purple bulb to illuminate your house or workplace. You may help the parents who are battling to keep a preterm infant alive in any way you can. It’s a method for you to contribute to the community’s education and sensibilization to this awful issue that could harm any of us.

World Prematurity Day 2022

Some Important Things To Do

  • Full-term pregnancies are crucial because of this.

World Prematurity Day 2023: Did you know that until the final weeks of pregnancy, the brain, lungs, as well as other organs do not fully develop?

  • It’s a difficult fight.

In America, infant mortality occurs in one in every ten births.

  • Preemies can become well-known adults

Many well-known historical individuals, such as scientist Isaac Newton, author Mark Twain, politician Winston Churchill, French playwright Victor Hugo, and physicist Albert Einstein, were born too soon.

  • It generates potent mother’s milk.

Premature mothers experience an intriguing side effect: the milk they make has unique qualities, including extra proteins, minerals, and fats that these small children require.

  • Gender is a factor.

Due to an excessively high blood pressure risk and placental anomalies in the mothers. Boys have a higher likelihood than girls to also be born prematurely.

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