National Croissant Day 2023: Messages, Wishes, Status, Quotes & Sayings

National Croissant Day 2023 – Messages, Wishes, Status, Quotes & Sayings! Happy Croissant Day 30 January Croissant Day 2023! Every year, 30th January is officially celebrated as Happy Croissant Day by the United States people. This is another big “Food & Beverage” celebration day, which is annually celebrated by the USA and many countries people.

On this day, everyone wants to search Happy Croissant Day Images, History, Celebrations Idea, Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, SMS, Pictures, Photos, Pic & wallpaper. So, we are trying to all kinds of information about Happy Croissant Day 2023. Just, stay with us and continue reading this content.

National Croissant Day


When is National Croissant Day 2023?

Annually, Croissant Day is officially celebrated on January 30 United States.

National Croissant Day History:

The legend goes on to say that over a hundred years later, Marie Antoinette (an Austrian Princess who married Louis XVI) introduced the pastry to the French who dubbed it a “croissant.” To celebrate National Croissant Day, warm up a delicious croissant and enjoy it with a generous helping of butter.

National Croissant Day Quotes:

  • ” I love having a croissant and a great cup of coffee. Just one cup… ~Marcus Samuelsson
  • ” There is not a thing that is more positive than bread…~Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • ” Paris in the early morning has a cheerful, bustling aspect, a promise of delicious things to come, a positive smell of coffee and croissants, quite peculiar to itself…~Nancy Mitford
  • “Croissant”: However you choose to pronounce it at home, it is perhaps worth noting that outside the United States, the closer you can come to saying “was-ohn,” the sooner you can expect to be presented with one…~Bill Bryson
  • ” Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts… ~James Beard
  • ” You know why the French hate us so much? They gave us the croissant. And you know what we did with it? We turned it into our croissandwich, thank you very much… ~Denis Leary

Happy Croissant Day Messages:

  • ” Part of life and part of the enjoyment of life is a croissant and a chocolate cake and eggs and milkshakes and oatmeal…–Nina Dobrev
  • ” My weak spot is laziness. Oh, I have a lot of weak spots: cookies, croissants.–Anthony Hopkins
  • January 30, Today is the Day of a Buttery, Flaky, Viennoiserie pastry, loved by all, and originated from Austria which is named for its historical crescent shape, & that is Croissants…
  • Today is National Croissant Day, we chose Wilkins Passion fruit Curd for ours. what do you have on yours? We have a wide selection of spreads, pop, and choose yours…
  • Happy National Croissant Day! Start your day the right way with an almond croissant from Greggs. It is nearly the weekend after all…

What is the Celebration Date of National Croissant Day?

Year Date Day
2022 January 30 Sunday
2023 January 30 Monday
2024 January 30 Tuesday


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