World Laughter Day: Activities, Message and Quotes

Wellcome to our website , Here we discus about World laughter day 2024 ,  World Laughter Day is celebrated Every year in the Whole World, Its celebrated 5 May , Its Created an Indian Person Dr: Madan Kataria in 1998. He is Founder of world Laughter day . The Day is celebrated First Sunday of May , The first celebration  was held 10 May in Mumbai India. Laughter is the best medicin and also best yoga movement in the human body part. If everyone want to live a long life he must be Laughing . Here we will give you various information about laughter.please stay with us continuously.

World Laughter Day Activities :

  • laughter yoga Trying :
  • Watching funny videos:
  • Go out and watch a stand-up Comedy:
  • Infornt of the mirror make funny face
  • Talk with funny voice \ animale toune
  • Drow silly Picture

World Laughter Day 2024 Message:

  • Be happy, Be healthy. laugh everyday.
  • Tension sourrounds us but we need to laugh softly.
  • World Laughter day Reminds us that we must never miss a single change To Laugh , Because Laugh give us Long life.
  • If you want to be Happy person with your family, you need to Laugh Carefree.
  • The best gift you can give your reletives , in World Laughter Day 2024.
World Laughter Day
World Laughter Day

World Laughter Day Quotes:

  • Charly Chaplin says “A Day Without Laughter , Is a day wasted”.
  • Madelline L,Engle says that “A good Laughs heals a lot of hearts”.
  • Robin Williams opinion that “You are only given a little spark of madness. You must not lose it”.
  • Charls Dickens , A Chirstmas Carol, tell about World Laughter day, “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor, World Laughter Day with Friends:

You can celebrate World Laughter Day 2024 with your all friend warmly. First  invite your all close friend and then discuse comedey memories all of you and laugh care freely . It keeps your mind refresh and be healthy alwayes.

Why we laugh:

Almighty gifted best things  in the world is Laugh, Laugh keeps our mind fresh, and tension free. There is nothing like laughter to sweeten the relationship between family members. It is a Common Language to shaire Imotion between every people. So we need to Laugh , if we want a happy and healthy upcoming genaretion.

Why we love Laughter Day :

  • Create Bonds: Laugh Creates Bonding in to the world People,and also its a common language to share flings or emotion.
  • Day for Happiness: World Laughter Day is the day of happiness. Everyone Enjoy this day special.

World Laughter Day Dates:

SundayMAY 12022
SundayMAY 72023
SundayMAY 52024
SundayMAY 42025
SundayMAY 32026

Finlay we try to our best to give all of you latest news about World Laughter Day 2024.

If you have any question and complement about World Laughter Day 2024 contact with our website . we will give your question and complement answer as soon as possible, thanks a lot being with our website .

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