Global Development Day 2023: Top Wishes, Quotes, Image & History

Global Development Day 2023

Global Development Day 2023: Top Wishes, Quotes, Image & History- Day of Global Development Information, October 24, 2023… Every year on October 24th, World Development Information Day is observed. The goal of the day is to better enlighten the public and stir up public sentiment, particularly among young people. The main objective is to raise awareness of development issues in order to improve information transmission and public opinion mobilization. Countries all over the world are better prepared to solve such difficulties once the world focuses on the issues of development.

The General Assembly thinks that technologies of information and communication are essential for resolving issues with development. In the environment of globalization, this is especially true. It is possible for new approaches to development problems to promote economic expansion, broaden knowledge and information access, boost social inclusion, and end poverty.

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24 OCT2023

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24 OCT


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Global Development Day 2023:

Global leaders introduced the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2016. Among the 17 targets for sustainable development are:

  • ending poverty
  • To develop sustainable agriculture and end hunger
  • Maintaining health and fostering wellbeing
  • Achieve inclusive and high-quality education
  • Obtain gender parity
  • Ensure access to water and sanitary facilities.
  • Make sure that everyone can afford energy
  • Create robust infrastructure
  • lessen disparity
  • Make all cities welcoming and secure.
  • Be mindful to consume sustainably.
  • Preventing climate change
  • Protecting and sustainably using maritime resources
  • Terrestrial habitats should be preserved and promoted for sustainable use.
  • Encourage a peaceful society and make justice available
  • bolster implementation strategies and resurrect the Integrated for Sustainable Development

The UN must develop improved information and communication dissemination if it is to accomplish all of these objectives. The advancement of modern technology is expected to aid in achieving these objectives, according to world leaders.

Global Development Day 2023: What Carry Out People?

Numerous events are planned to draw attention to the UN’s work, especially with reference to issues of development and trade. A large portion of these is directed at journalists who work for a variety of media, including tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, and websites. In some places, direct initiatives may also be planned. Posters in public spaces and adverts in newspapers, on the radio, and on television are some examples of this.

Indabas (meetings of community members with knowledge in a particular field) are frequently organized in South Africa. A specific development problem of local or national relevance will be the focus of a discussion amongst representatives of local, national, and international bodies.

Global Development Day

Global Development Day 2023: Private Life

International Development Information Day is neither a federal nor state holiday; it is a worldwide commemoration.

World Development Information Day: HOW TO OBSERVE IT?

Numerous conferences and other events are held by the UN with a focus on development issues and accomplishing their goals for sustainable development. These occasions include conferences and instructional seminars. Since information is emphasized, several events highlight journalists who work in various media.

Consider how you may contribute to achieving some of the goals for sustainable development in your neighborhood as a way to observe World Development Information Day. Discuss the significance of spreading the word and gaining public support to achieve particular objectives. Consider how advances in communication and technology support global growth. Use the hashtag #WorldDevelopmentInformationDay to raise awareness on social media.

Day in the History of Global Development Day 2023:

In 1972, the United Nations created World Development Information Day. The day will fall on United Nations Day, as decided by the Assembly. On October 24, both holidays celebrate. The UN established the International Development Model for the 2nd United Nations Development Decade on this date in 1970.

On May 17, 1972, the UN Conference on Development and Trade presented strategies for raising awareness of issues related to trade including development and mobilizing public opinion.

To help bring attention to global development issues, this resolution proposed the establishment of World Development Information Day. Educating the public on the importance of bolstering international cooperation in order to find solutions to these issues is another goal of the event. In order to emphasize the crucial role that development plays in the UN’s operations, the assembly also resolved what day would fall on the same day as United Nations Day. The first World Development Information Day took place on October 24, 1973, and it has continued to take place on this date ever since.

Many occasions in recent years have interpreted the day’s title in slightly different ways. These have focused on the role that contemporary information technologies, such as the Internet and mobile phones, can play in alerting people to and resolving trade and development-related issues. Informing and inspiring young people was one of the specific goals of World Development Information Day, and this move might help to achieve that goal.

Global Development Day

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