First Day of Fall 2023: Top Wishes, Images, Status & History

First Day of Fall 2023

First Day of Fall 2023: Top Wishes, Images, Status & History- When September arrives, something in the atmosphere appears to change. Maybe the evenings have a new chill. When apple cider doughnuts hit the shelves, everyone starts yearning for a pumpkin spice latte from their neighborhood coffee shop. You start to doubt whether the summer is finished. More significantly, “What day does fall officially begin on?” It might be time to start making your fall bucket list of activities! We’ll go apple-picking, sweater-shopping, and pumpkin-carving experimentation.

You must first determine the exact day that autumn officially begins this year before you can truly make all of your autumnal fantasies come true. The date does, after all, vary according to the fall equinox. Although you’ve undoubtedly heard the word “equinox” before, you might not be familiar with its exact definition. The autumnal and vernal equinoxes are the two equinoxes that occur annually. All latitudes see about equal quantities of day and night since the Earth’s axis is neither tilted toward nor away from the sun during these periods. On those days, both the fall and spring equinoxes begin!

When does fall officially start in 2023?

The start of fall in 2022 is on Thursday, September 22. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this only pertains to the Northern Hemisphere; if you reside south of the equator, spring will start at this time! The days will get shorter and shorter from the end of the summer until the winter solstice. Although this is depressing, consider all the warm fall films you’ll get to watch instead!

Does fall always begin on the First Day of Fall 2023?

Fall’s official beginning day can shift, but the range of potential dates is limited. The majority of the time, it takes place on September 22 or 23. Occasionally, it might occur on September 21 or 24, but the last time the fall equinox fell on September 21 was more than a thousand years ago! The next September 24 date won’t come until 2303.

The fall equinox is what?

While the autumnal equinox marks the beginning of fall. There is also a lot of folklore and mythology associated with the day. For instance, the Greeks of antiquity thought that at the start of autumn, the goddess Persephone went back to Hades in the underworld. The harvest goddess would annually cause the crops to perish out of her mother Demeter’s anguish until she came back in the spring. The word “Equus” itself is derived from the Latin terms “box,” which means night, and “Aequs,” which means “equal.” The equinox’s equal length of day and night inspired the name. Depending on where you are in the world, it’s not precisely the same, but it’s close enough and frequently varies by the minute.

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