America Recycles Day 2023: Wishes, Quotes, HS Images And Messages

America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day is a Keep America Beautiful campaign that is celebrated across the country and is intended to encourage recycling in the country. On November 15 of each year, we honor the initiatives San José has taken to urge residents to recycle properly and to promote recycling. We appreciate all of our residents for recycling properly all year long!

America Recycles  Day’s Origin

America Recycles Day wasn’t always a recognized holiday. Texas Recycles Day was first observed there by two staff members of the Texas Commission on Environment and Development Quality. This day was intended to increase recycling in the state and to spread awareness of the benefits of doing so.

While they were working for the Texas Commission, these employees Kevin Teurff and Valerie Davis continued to observe Texas Recycles Day. proposed changing Texas Recycles Day to America Recycles Day when they left their jobs. America Recycles Day was established when the National Recycling Coalition approved the concept.

Over 40 states took part in the first America Recycles Day, which was proclaimed in Florida. The National Recycling Coalition has worked to promote activities across the nation over the years. There are currently more than 3,000 events spread throughout all 50 states.

They plan and advertise recycling-related events during the entire month of November. They recruit volunteers to clean up neighborhoods and collect recyclables as part of their efforts to reduce litter. Additionally, they use social media campaigns to persuade people to recycle more, raising the nation’s recycling rates in the process.


  • Participate in local KAB events Keep

America Beautiful has chapters all throughout the country, and on November 15 you may participate by volunteering to collect recyclables.

  • Organize a recycling group.

Create a recycling club in your neighborhood by working with your family and friends. This will assist your community in recycling.

  • Organize a pop-up shop for recyclable goods.

Have a fun pop-up market where people can browse and buy recycled goods, and get in touch with local business owners who sell recycled goods!

America Recycles Day


  • Recycling helps the environment

Our carbon footprints are diminished when we use fewer resources and produce less garbage.

  • People are unaware that it is possible to purchase recycled goods

It is crucial to not only recycle our waste but also to do so in order to conserve resources.

  • More people need to recycle

Despite all of the KAB’s efforts, recycling is still not widely practiced throughout the nation.

America Recycles Day
America Recycles Day

The advantages of recycling

  • less garbage are disposed of in landfills and burned in incinerators
  • conserves natural resources including water, minerals, and wood
  • uses a home supply of materials to increase economic security
  • by lowering the need to harvest raw resources, and reducing pollution.
  • conserves energy
  • conserves precious resources and aids American manufacturing
  • creates new jobs in the American manufacturing and recycling industries

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More recycling, proper recycling

The Top 10 in the Bin is the name of this infographic. The top ten recyclable products are highlighted, including wood, paper, food boxes, mail, plastic containers, food cans, glass bottles, glass, plastic jars, jugs, and plastic bottles and caps.

How frequently do you consider what belongs in your recycle bin? Get inventive the next time you need to dispose of anything and consider strategies to prevent waste in the first place! The rate of recycling can be raised in a variety of ways. For suggestions on how to increase your recycling, see our information sheet What You Can Do to Enhance the Recycling Rate.

Recycle to conserve energy

Recycling common items like paper, bottles, and magazines helps the environment. The things you purchase are made from recycled materials. Less virgin material will therefore need to be mined, harvested, processed, manufactured, and transported—all of which require energy.

America Recycles Day

The Waste Reduction Model (WARM) for solid waste controllers and organizations serves as the foundation for the iWARM tool. iWARM can be used to estimate the energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions that an organization can achieve by recycling garbage as opposed to dumping it in a landfill.

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