Happy World Kidney Day 2023: Wishes, Status, Quotes, Wiki & Slogans

We know that World Kidney Day (WKD) is a global health awareness campaign focusing on the importance of the kidneys and reducing the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems all over the world. Here is to share all the necessary information about Kidney Day 2023. Kidney diseases are silent killers. Which will largely affect your quality of life. There are however several easy ways to reduce the risk of kidney disease.

This holiday was intended to raise awareness about afflictions of the kidney; although many are treatable, they are a secondary medical concern of the greater population. So, read the full article.

World Kidney Day


World Kidney Day is observed annually on the 2nd Thursday in March. At the start of this holiday, 66 countries observed this date in 2006. Within two years, this number rose to 88. WKD is a joint initiative of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF). It is very important for all People.

World Kidney Day
World Kidney Day

Happy World Kidney Day Facts:

  • “The theme of Kidney Day in 2023 is Kidney Disease & Children. Act Early to Prevent It!
  • “1 in 10 Americans will be affected by Kidney Disease…
  • “Smoking increases the risk of developing kidney disease by 50%…
  • “The cumulative global cost for dialysis and transplantation over the next decade is predicted to exceed the US $1 trillion…
  • “Chronic Kidney Disease is incurable and will require life-long treatment…
  • “Kidneys play an important function in the human body by removing toxic substances and excess water from the bloodstream. This in turn affects blood pressure and the chemical balance of the body

Happy Kidney Day 2023 Quotes

“You just make sure to keep your #Kidney healthy and happy >#WorldKidneyDay…

 “I just love my kidney, so I shall eat healthy food and will also suggest you eat the same so that your kidney will also be safe and fine…


“Today is Kidney Day, so let’s celebrate the day together with much love and affection with our friends and family …

Happy Kidney Day Poster Messages:

  • “You have no reason to take the health of your kidney lightly. Care for them if you care for your health. Wishing you a very Happy Kidney Day 2023…”
  • “Let us abstain from everything that hampers the wellbeing of our kidneys to help them stay healthy. Happy Kidney Day 2023…”
  • “Get rid of all the toxins in your system. Keep your kidneys in good shape and you will have nothing to worry about. Happy World Kidney Day 2023…”
  • “World Kidney Day is a reminder for all of us that we must take the hints our kidneys are giving us to work on their wellbeing…”

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