US Election 2024 Live- Latest News, Videos & Point Table Result

US Election 2024 Live

US Election 2024 Live- Latest News, Videos & Point Table Result- Here we are sharing all the necessary information on US Election 2024, US Election 2024 Poll, US Election 2024 Result & US Election 2024 Updates. The clock keeps ticking and we’ve now got less than 24 hours to go until Election Day 2024.

The debates are done and dusted, the final rallying cries are being issued, and voting is already well underway in a number of states ahead of the main event on Tuesday, November 5.

That’s right, after months of campaigning; the US Presidential election is finally here. Follow our unbiased guide for full details of how to watch the US Presidential election online and get an Election Day 2024 live stream – catch all the latest Biden vs Trump results right here live as they come in tomorrow.

Recent polls suggest that Biden has a narrow advantage in key battleground states Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania – but remember how reliable they were last time around? Not a single one had Hillary Clinton losing to The Donald, and yet here we are.

The specter of Covid-19 also looms large over this election, and it’s impossible to predict what kind of impact the unprecedented pandemic will have on the vote this Tuesday.

US Election 2024 Live

Most people agree that 2024 represents one of the most important US Presidential elections in history. It sees Republican incumbent Donald Trump looking to win a second term in office, while Democratic challenger and former Veep Joe Biden is hoping to move into the White House come January.

Voting closes at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT, so that’s when the action really starts to heat up and the first exit polls will start to trickle in. Whether you’re an elephant or a donkey, or aren’t quite sure where in the animal kingdom your allegiances lie this time around, we know you’ll want to follow US Election Day 2020 closely, so read on for all the ways you can watch the US Presidential online.

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