National Pasta Day 2023: October 17 Facts, Specials Ideas, Recipes & Images

National Pasta Day

National Pasta Day 2023: October 17 Facts, Specials Ideas, Recipes & Images! National Pasta Day is celebrated on October 17th, which also happens to be National Pasta Month. Fans of pasta rejoice! Noodles can be found all throughout the world, but pasta is a specific kind of noodle used in traditional Italian cooking.

The first mention was made in Sicily in 1154, and it was first documented in English in 1874. Usually, durum wheat flour is used to make an unleavened dough. The flour is shaped into sheets or other shapes after being combined with water or eggs. Then, it can be used immediately or dried and saved for further use.

Variety of Happy Pasta Day:

Both savory and sweet cuisines often contain pasta. Due to its versatility, pasta works well with both savory and sweet dishes. In addition to serving exquisite hot as well as cold side dishes, chefs frequently serve pasta as the main course. Then there are, of course, those delectable treats that we can’t help but drool over.

At first, chefs cooked delicious pasta by hand. Today, however, numerous fresh pasta variants are produced commercially. Our grocers now have everyday options thanks to large machinery. Having the tastiest pasta at home has never been simpler thanks to newly released smaller pasta machines.

  • Pasta comes in many different forms and kinds, both dried and fresh.
  • Pasta comes in so many variations! In OrettaZanini De Vita’s Encyclopedia of Pasta, 310 distinct varieties of pasta with more than 1300 names are listed.
  • The names of particular pasta shapes and types vary by region in Italy.
  • Example: Depending on the town and location, Cavatelli is identified by 28 distinct names.

The ideal sauce to serve with the pasta may also depend on its size and form. For instance, to prevent the linguine from breaking, serve it with lighter, thinner sauces. Fettuccine, a similar-looking noodle, is less delicate. Because of this, it can transport heavier flavors like alfredo.

National Pasta Day

Observing National Pasta Day A Guide:

Investigate the pasta industry. There are several recipes available for anything from salads to major dishes to desserts. On our recipes page, we also include a number. Consider going to an Italian cafe with the family if you don’t feel like cooking. Any activity you have planned should be shared with friends. The best approach to Appreciate Every Day® is to do this! On social media, use the hashtag #NationalPastaDay.


Although actual Italian cook Ephraim Boiardi founded the business in Pennsylvania more than 80 years ago, it may arrive as a shock to learn that Chef Boyardee didn’t invent pasta. (He has, incidentally, amassed an aggregate worth of $60 million.) Ever since the initial century AD, people all over the world have enjoyed this dish. Although it is a myth that Marco Polo brought pasta from China in the 1200s, British celebrity chef Jane Grigson thinks the story may have originated in the 1920s with a Canadian spaghetti company.

We do understand that dried pasta experienced a surge in popularity in the 14th as well as 15th centuries, primarily due to its convenience in storage. This made it possible for explorers of the New World to take pasta with them on their ships. In 1859, Hungary had a pasta factory, but it took just eight years for the Buitoni Company in central Italy to start producing pasta. By 1884, the style had spread to the modern-day Czech Republic. President Jefferson consumed what he referred to as “macaroni” when visiting Paris, but it could have been any kind of pasta.

He eventually came back with two cases to America. When more Italian immigrants—mostly from Naples—came to America in the later 19th century, pasta’s popularity in the country increased even further.

Activities on World Pasta Day:

Since then, eaters from all over the world have come together every October to celebrate one of the tastiest and most adaptable cuisines ever. National Day Calendar is still looking into the history of this scrumptious culinary festival.

  • Prior to adding the pasta, salt the water. Despite the fact that it won’t prevent the pasta from sticking, now is the ideal time to flavor your spaghetti.
  • Always add the pasta after bringing the boiling water to a boil. Additionally, check sure the pot has enough water in it; if not, you’ll add more.

National Pasta Day

  • While the pasta is cooking, stir it a few times.
  • Before draining the pasta, set aside some of the liquid. The spaghetti will then be washed with water to assist prevent sticking. Even if you’re eating it immediately away, you can still do this, especially if you’re adding a sauce. Add the saved pasta juice to thin out your sauce if it appears a touch heavy while also boosting its taste.

Cook Some Delicious Pasta 2023:

Make some pasta in your kitchen if you enjoy cooking. If you’d like some company, enlist the aid of a few buddies. One-pan pasta with tomato, basil, as well as mozzarella cheese is a simple dinner option with minimal cleanup. Make some pasta and cheese to honor an American institution. Make some wonderful sesame soba noodles or a pasta dish from the Mediterranean if you’re feeling adventurous.

Post a photo of your macaroni on social media:

Every year on October 25, #WorldPastaDay ignites social media. The hashtag is used on Instagram as well as Twitter at numerous other times of the year because let’s face it, people love pasta so much. Make the world aware of your “pasta pride” by using the hashtag!

Eat pasta somewhere else:

Take out to your favorite neighborhood pasta restaurant with your loved ones or pals, or go on a romantic date by yourself. Enjoy every bite of a spaghetti dish you’ve never had before.

National Pasta Day

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