Happy World Bee Day 2022

World Bee Day 2022 is just around the turn. A day to dedicated to raising awareness about the consequence of bees and other pollinators in the world. Know more

On May 20, World Bee Day 2022 will be celebrated across the Earth. The World Bee Day observation is done in order to raise awareness amongst the people about the importance of bees in the cosmos. The World Bee Day was beginning by the United Nations General Assembly so that bees’ reservation is highlighted for sustainable prosperity.

 As the Earth is going through the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of life and the subsistence of species has become the focal point for everyone. One realizes its sharpness more than ever. With the rise in the human population, bees are always illuminated to dangers and threats. Thus, in order to create more awareness about how bees profit to the prosperity of wildflower plants and crops, this day is celebrated. It also marks the birth yearly of Anton Janson, the builder of beekeeping.

World Bee Day
World Bee Day

 In 2017, the UNGA passed a resolution in 2017 in Slovenia concerning the bee reservation. This is because due to the great use of pesticides, mono cropping, and invasive insects, bees are always under the scanner. Hence the UN initiated different acquaintance programmes which bring up people about bees and pollinators. These programmes also help one in understanding what they must do in order to protection bees on a regular base. Anton Jansa, who is also known as the pioneer of beekeeping, understood the sharpness of bees and other pollinators in our ecosystems back in the 17th century. He then started some modern beekeeping technics.

World Bee Day Celebration and Theme for 2022

The World Bee Day is observed with a lot of gusto and effort in the world. A lot of organizations come together to conduct functions, workshops, and programmers’ which talking about the consideration of the World Bee Day. Charity events are also conducted so that people can subscribe what they can to preserve the kind. Honey, bee jewellery, bee clothing, nectar-bearing plants etc are out for sale in such events, and whatever money is collection it goes for the conservancy programmers’ of bees and other pollinators like bats and butterflies.  For the World Bee Day 2022, the theme is saving the Bees.

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