Happy Texas Independence Day 2023: HD Images, Quotes, History & Wishes

Happy Texas Independence Day

Happy Texas Independence Day celebrations to mark the adoption of the Lone Star state s declaration of independence. It is a national legal day in Texas, within the United States, on March 02, 2023. The official celebration of Texas Independence Day usually occurs in Dallas, Texas; however, there are several parades throughout Texas that observe the day. The first Independence Day parade was held in Dallas in 1875. In addition to parades, there are also special events and fireworks displays to celebrate Happy Texas Independence Day.

A parade is an event in which many vehicles with flags or banners of the American flag are paraded through an area. Parades are often accompanied by a band or vocalist. Most Texas Independence Day parades are conducted during the early morning or late afternoon on the third day of the month of March. The first Texas Independence Day was on July 4, 2023. A parade is not only great for viewing but it is also a great way to get exercise! Many local residents get involved in hosting or attending parades during Independence Day.

Happy Texas Independence Day: History

On the second day of Independence Day, Sam Houston State University celebrates Independence Day with a parade. About fifteen floats and cars feature Texas flags on them and other Texas state insignia. Other floats are made up of musical and fire-breathing motorcycles. As Texas Independence Day approaches, spectators along the parade route are given a red plastic Texas flag to wave as they pass.

Democratic Party’s secretary appoints fifteen local county trustees to organize the first Texas Independence Day celebration in Dallas. These organizers will celebrate the establishment of Texas by displaying the Independence Day pageant at the Tex-Mex Culture Center in downtown Dallas starting at 4 PM. The parade will start at the corner of Riverside Street and go past downtown Dallas to MLK Park. The parade will then proceed to downtown dor downtown to end at a downtown park.

Happy Texas Independence Day Messages, Quotes & Status:

  • “Texas will again lift its head and stand among the nations. It ought to do so, for no country upon the globe can compare with it in natural advantages.” – Sam Houston, War Hero, General, Indian Friend, and President of the Republic of Texas.
  • “All new states are invested, more or less, by a class of noisy, second-rate men who are always in favor of rash and extreme measures, But Texas was absolutely overrun by such men.” – Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas and hero of the revolution.
  • “Texas history is as varied, tempestuous, and vast as the state itself. Texas yesterday is unbelievable, but no more incredible than Texas today. Today’s Texas is exhilarating, exasperating, violent, charming, horrible, delightful, alive.” – Edna Ferber, author, 1955.
  • “They say that Virginia is the mother of Texas. We never knew who the father was, but we kinda suspected Tennessee.” – Tex Ritter, country music and movie star on the heritage of his home state.

Happy Texas Independence Day: Wishes

  • “In Texas, a political speech is sometimes referred to as a longhorn: one that makes two good points, but they are a long way apart and have a lot of bull in between.” – Observation recorded by Herring and Richter, Don’t Throw Feathers at Chickens.
  • “If a man’s from Texas, he’ll tell you. If he’s not, why embarrass him by asking?” – Travel writer John Gunther, The Best of Texas.
  • “Football is to Texas what religion is to a priest.”-Legendary Cowboy Coach Tom Landry.
  • “Oil-rich boys . . . had a nice, sweet smile but when you finished meeting with them your socks were missing and you hadn’t even noticed they’d taken your boots.” – Actor (and native Texan) Larry Hagman.
  • “A politician is a fellow who will lay down his life for his country”. -Texas Guinan, Waco-born Broadway/Hollywood starlet and famous speakeasy owner of the 1920s.

Texas Independence Day


The parade and the party-goers celebrate independence day by walking. The length of Texas Avenue is a trek that includes Texas historical landmarks, restaurants, and shops along the way. As the parade makes its way down streets. They are lit with yellow and red and white inverted comical lights, honking horns sound off along the way. The parade finally reaches the Texas Capitol just before sunset. A digital history celebration video is screened on a large screen located in front of the Texas capitol building. The video is set to music from “Ladies of Rock and Roll” and other popular music of Texas.

The parade concludes with a rally outside. The capitol building where a sit-in is held to block the signing of the declaration of independence by President Washington. As the crowd gathers for the candlelight dinner. They are greeted by a delegation of Texas representatives which include. The Speaker of the House, the Governor, and others.

Throughout the evening speeches are made to support. The declaration of independence by various Texas congressmen as well as state legislators. An official Texas Independence Day celebration is hosted by the mayor of Austin, the second-largest city in Texas and a national model of local self-government. Texas State Historic Site visitors can also participate in a tour of the historic site during the day.

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