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Happy Chinese New Year 1st February 2023

Happy Chinese New Year 1st February 2023

Happy Chinese New Year 1st Feb 2023! Chinese New Year falls on February 1st this year. Since Chinese New Year celebrates the beginning of spring it can be considered the start of Chinese New Year celebrations. Chinese New Year celebration is filled with many activities and traditions. It also marks the beginning of the growing farming season.

Chinese New Year History – Chinese New Year was originated during the Spring Festival in the lunar calendar. In the early days, people believed that the new moon could bring good fortune and prosperity to the person and the people. So they celebrated the first day of the New Year with full joy and gaiety. During those days, every household kept two water jars, one red and one white, filled with water. The Chinese New Year celebrated the return of the moon and the ceremonies and activities that accompanied this event included feasting, songs and dances, games, and lanterns were all done to celebrate the return of the moon into the sky.

Happy Chinese New Year 2023: Wishes, Status & Messages

Chinese New Year Celebration is celebrated in different areas in different parts of the country. It is most commonly celebrated in the northern part of China (Beijing, Linyi Tan Sands, Henan, and Fujian) during the Spring Festival. In every area of the country where the Chinese New Year Celebration is celebrated, people mostly tie red and white ribbons around their necks and hang them over their doors and windows. Red is regarded as the color of prosperity and symbolizes how the Chinese New Year is about abundance and joy.


Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is also celebrated through the month of February, which is known as the Chinese New Year Spring Festival. The Chinese New Year Celebration celebrates the return of life into the soil and people look forward to the abundant food supplies that can help them celebrate the New Year by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Chinese people usually consume three meals during Chinese New Year Celebrations -breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chinese New Year feasts are filled with boiled meats, stir-fry vegetables, and fruits as well as noodles and fruits. Chinese people generally eat vegetables and fruits, as it is believed that these foods will nourish the body and soul.


Happy Chinese New Year 1st February 2023

Chinese New Year celebrations mark the beginning of the Chinese agricultural calendar and the calendar is divided into four seasons -the Winter Festival (which is followed by Chinese New Year), Spring Festival, Autumn Festival, and the Summer Festival. Chinese people celebrate the beginning of Spring by planting flowers and growing trees and the end of Spring is marked by the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations and Chinese celebrate the start of summer by enjoying the outdoors and the climate.


Chinese festivals such as the Spring Festival, Summer Festival, and Chinese New Year are joyous and full of colorful costumes, lanterns, celebrations,s, and music. Chinese also look forward to the traditional Chinese New Year by eating their special daylong hot pot which is filled with rice and beans along with fruits and dumplings. Chinese people use firecrackers and paper fireworks to mark the beginning of Happy Chinese New Year 2022.


Chinese New Year celebrates the ancient Chinese tradition of Chinese people paying respect to the Goddess of lights – Luna, by decorating her in colorful ways. Chinese people also decorate the moon and the Chinese New Year – the Spring Festival – and observe other related customs and traditions on the 40th day of February, which marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

Chinese people use fireworks and other fireworks and lighting items to mark the start of the Chinese New Year, but they also mark other important events such as the birth of Buddha and other Chinese traditional holidays such as the Spring Festival and the Chinese New Year.

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