Bangla Happy New Year 2023: Wishes, Messages, Status & Greetings

Bangla Happy New Year

Bangla Happy New Year 2023: Wishes, Messages, Status & Greetings! Welcome to Bangla Happy New Year 2023 Wishes, SMS Text, Status, Sayings, Greetings, Status, Quotes, and Messages are available in this post. Bangla New Year has also created a great response from Bengali-speaking people. That is why many people wish for a Bangla New Year. Happy Bangla New Year wishes in Bengali are surely a very good trend.

Here is to share all the necessary information about the Happy New Year Celebration idea, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, and Sayings. So it is somewhat irrelevant to wish there in Bengali. We have provided an adequate English and Bangla wish list here.

Bangla Happy New Year

Our Happy New Year Bangla 2023 wish New collection is quite enriched. Now You can copy any wishes from our list and send them to your loved ones, friends, Family, and any Person.

Pohela Boishakh Next Dates:

Pohela Boishakh is the first day of the Bengali calendar. This festival is celebrated on 14 April in Bangladesh. This is also the official calendar of Bangladesh. This festival is celebrated on 14 April in Bangladesh. Bengalis regardless of religious faith 15 April in the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam Bengalis regardless of religious faith.

Bengali New YearDatesWeek of the  Days
202114 AprWed
202214 AprThu
202314 AprFri
202414 AprMon
202514 AprThu

Bangla New Year 2023 Messages:

  1. “Notun asa, notun rod, notun aalo, notun vor
    Misty hashi dustu chokh, sopno gulo sofol hok.
    Suvo Noboborsho 2023…”
  2. “Notun asha, notun pran, notun sure , notun gan,
    Notun jiboner notun alo
    Notun bochor katuk valo….”
    >Shuvo Noboborsho 2023<
  3. “Nobo anonde jago aji Boisakh-er punno probhate.
    Sob jhala-jontrona jhak much. Ask ek notun vor…”
    >Shuvo Noboborsho 1430<
  4. “Purono joto hotasa jirno opobad,
    Jhak dhuye jhak
    Asuk notun vor niye notun asha
    Sobar jibon uthuk bhore anando ar valobashay…”
    >Shuvo Noboborsho 1430<
  5. “Ekti notun sokal…kichu sundor shopno,
    Ek mutho sada megh kichu bristy onuvuti
    R kichu sopnil sristy. Ei niye shuru hok agamir din..
    >Shuvo Noboborsho 1430<
  6. “Notun bochorer purno probhate vore uthuk tomar jibon pakhir anando kolotane…”
  7. “Udito robir prothom alo, dur korbe shokol kalo.
    Matbe mon anondho dharay, sobai hobe badhon hara.
    dinty hok tomar tore, mon vore uthuk khusir jhore…”
    >Shuvo Noboborsho 2023<
  8. “Notun Posak Notun Saj
    Notun bochor suru aj.
    Misty Mon, Misty Hashi,
    Suveccha janai Rasi Rasi…”
    >Shuvo Noboborsho 1430<
  9. “Nikhad bondhutter nikhad Valobashay
    shikto hok notun bochorer protita din…”
    > Bangla Happy New Year 2023<
  10. “Chawa gulo pawa hok. asa gulo purno hok.
    sopno gulo sotti hok. dukkho gulo beday hok.
    notun bochorer din gulo sobar valo hok.
    >Happy New Year Bangla 1430<

Bangla Happy New Year

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