The Best Quote of 2022 Facebook and WhatsApp Status

The Best Quote of 2022 Facebook and WhatsApp Status: The most popular social media of the present time is Facebook, WhatsApp etc. We like to share our good and bad joys and sorrows with our friends on Facebook. Just like we share the best time of life on Facebook, we like to share the worst time of life on Facebook. By sharing on Facebook, we share our grief with our friends and feel light. So in today’s article I am going to discuss the words of upset and Facebook WhatsApp status. We hope that you can share the Facebook WhatsApp status in your article on your Facebook wall. From here, you can give the status of your choice on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Upset Quote

Life is made up of happiness and sorrow. There are good times and bad times in life. Good times are meant to be enjoyed in life just as bad times are meant to be enjoyed in life. And everyone needs to be aware of how to get out of that bad time and start anew. Bad times in life are really normal. So in today’s article we are going to discuss the statement of upset. I attached some famous quotes of upset.

The Best Quote of 2022 Facebook and WhatsApp Status
The Best Quote of 2022 Facebook and WhatsApp Status

I opened the house and went out to
catch the moonlight, but I didn’t go to catch the
– Humayun Ahmed


There are times when we are at the crossroads of belief and disbelief. Then we can see and not see at the same time, we can understand and we can’t, we can feel and we can’t, that is a big mysterious time.
-Humayun Ahmed

There was some misunderstanding in our desire, the fulfillment of what we deserve, so it seems to be so poor, so to get so much seems to be a failure, it seems to fade.
– Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah

If you want to go ,
go . – Helal Hafiz


Blue incapacity of will dripping like blood from a cut finger.
– Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah

You will come, you know, Priya
said with joy, spring
has come, the world is mustard, beloved, beautiful.
The wind became turbulent in the forest, so the
cuckoo fell in the fog, the river fell and the water flowed.
-Kazi Nazrul Islam

If happiness is not written on the forehead, there is no benefit in hitting the forehead with a stone, the forehead swells enough, but the fortune does not swell at all.
– Kazi Nazrul Islam


After realizing one’s own stupidity, someone gets sad, someone gets a smile.
– Samresh Majumdar

Foolish people may know how to annoy others, but they never know how to deceive anyone.
– Humayun Ahmed

Your own people are enough to cry with care.
– Humayun Ahmed

I am that neglect, I am that humble, silently arrogant wet eyes, accept me. Returning from the festival I am that refusal, I am that reluctant exile in the bosom of the cloudy moon. What will show me the pain?
– Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah

National Celebration of Life
National Celebration of Life

I had some words, some sorrows, some of you, you were with me.
– Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah

Some sighs will accumulate in the chest, some tears will stop and dew will not fall near the eyes.
– Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah

Never feel the need to apologize for being emotional, because it is a sign that you have a beautiful mind.
– Brigitte Nickel

There is no medicine that can cure happiness.
– Gabriel Garciyas Marcus

Happiness is not a pre-prepared thing, it originates from one’s own actions.
– The Dalai Lama

Be happy for what you have and be enthusiastic for what you want.
– Alan Cohen

Happiness doesn’t depend on how much I have, it depends on how much we enjoy.
– Charles Spurgeon

The most important thing is to enjoy life, to be happy. That alone makes sense.
– Audrey Hepburn

The easiest way to keep yourself happy is to try to make someone else happy.
– Mark Twin.

Happiness is the name of enjoying small moments in life.
– Be Goldie

The key to being happy is to have the ability to know what to keep in life and what to let go.
– Dodinsky

Happiness depends on us.
– Aristotle

If you think it is necessary to be happy, then stop regretting what you don’t have and learn to be thankful for what you have.
– Brian Vazili

Upset Facebook and WhatsApp Status

  1. There will be trouble, there will be trouble, there will be trouble, there will be trouble! ”
  2. The picture will be tied on my chest and I will go back crying.
  3. Every life is weak in a relationship. Where some stupid simplicity and some colorful mouth language makes life cry selflessly. Which no one sees.
  4. Walking the streets of life alone is not a difficult task. But it is very difficult to come back from there alone after going a long way holding someone’s hand.
  5. I don’t know if you have lost any distance in the unknown. I don’t know what was wrong with my thoughts.

Upset Facebook Status

  1. When I was younger, I forgot everything Every one used to say, “Learn to remember.”Growing up ,,,,,, don’t forget anything nowBut the world is saying, “Learn to forget”.
  2.  The only problem I felt was that I couldn’t be my own in anyone’s life.

Upset  WhatsApp Status

  1.  One eye can never see another eye, Even then, if there is pain in the chest, with both eyes, but the water flows.Suffering becomes sweet, if you give ,,,,,,,.The word of mouth is that song ,,,,, if you sing ,,,,.
  2. If you hurt someone by loving him ,,,,, he gets a lot of trouble himself.
  3. To condemn ,,,,,, can be done from outside

    However, to judge 6. Is to enter inside.

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