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Stephen Foster Memorial Day What Holiday is Tomorrow

Stephen Foster Memorial Day

Stephen Foster Memorial Day is observed every year on the first Sunday of the month of May. It is also known as Stephen Foster Memorial Day. Stephen Foster was an American writer who was a signer for the National Anthem and served during the Civil War. He had written many books and articles that are still regarded as classics. Stephen Foster’s life spanned half a century and was very influential in the shaping of American journalism at the time.

On this date in 2005, President George W. Bush proclaimed the first Sunday of May as Stephen Foster Memorial Day. The reason for this observance is that Stephen Foster had been a resident of the state of New York and had been born in New York City, where he was a naturalized American citizen. On this date in 2005, President George W. Bush signed a resolution awarding this historical figure the Presidential medal of honor. Stephen Foster was the father of American songwriter Robert E. Young, who is best known for his work with the Allman Brothers Band and with blues musician Muddy Waters.

Stephen Foster Memorial Day

Stephen Foster had many biographical publications published while he was alive and some of them have been recorded and are now available to the public. In 2005, his musical programs were featured in several films, both animated and live-action. These programs were used at various parks, museums and educational institutions as part of the school lesson program. His work was also compiled into a volume of ten CDs that is available through various websites and companies on the Internet. There are several Stephen Foster Memorial Day musical programs available. They include “Rankin My Way” (1947), “I Remember You,” “Where Have All The Flowers Gone,” “I Remember You Again,” “You Will Never Be Queen” (1949), and “Where Have All The Flowers Gone.”


Stephen Foster’s life and works had an enormous impact on American music and on American and Canadian literature. Many of his songs were popular hits throughout the United States and Canada, including “I Remember You,” “I Remember You Again,” and “Where Have All The Flowers Gone.” His musical compositions also reached well beyond the borders of the United States and Canada. For example, his composition “I Remember You,” which was used in the film, I Remember You, has been a top twenty hit in all fifty states and in the UK. His compositions “I Remember You Again” and “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” reached the same ratings.

Stephen Foster Memorial Day

Stephen Foster’s work is also notable because of the influential role it played in the writing of several very popular songs. Among these include the songs “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” and “Cariba” from the Anxious Soul album; “Tears In Heaven,” from Wonderful Tonight; “Waltz For Me,” from The Graduate; and “You’re Going to Need Someone,” from There Ever Was A Girl. All of these songs bear Stephen Foster’s name and are considered to be among his best compositions in the genre.


Following is a list of composers who have created beautiful and meaningful music to commemorate the life of Stephen Foster. composers: Mary E. Frye, Albert Barnes, Frank Churchill, Sam Lanham, Oscar Peterson, Ebe Sneezer, George Strait, Percy Sledge, Jack Wilkins, Albert Katz, Sidney Sheldon, William Fitzgerald, and Max Richter. These programs honor Stephen Foster’s memory by featuring his original musical compositions. These programs will celebrate Stephen Foster Memorial Day and give those people who are celebrating the occasion with some beautiful background music to enjoy throughout the day.

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