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(Start 02 April) Mahe Ramadan Calendar 2022 Ramadan 2022 Iftar-Sehri

Ramadan Calendar 2022 What Holiday is Tomorrow

Ramadan Calendar 2022 – (Start 02 April – 03 April) Ramadan 2022 Iftar-Sehri Time-Table ! Good News For all Muslim Countries. In this year, Mahe Ramadan 2022 Start time is Saturday 02 April 2022. Here we are provided Ramadan 2022 PDF File, Images, Picture, HD Wallpaper, Iftar-Sehri Time-Table in worldwide. So, read the full article below.

Mahe Ramadan Is one of the Most Popular for All Muslim peoples. In this article, we share Ramadan 2022 Time, Calendar, Ramadan  PDF File, Mahe Ramadan 2022 Calendar, Mahe Ramadan Time-table, and Ramadan 2022 1st Date.

Ramadan Calendar


Hello Guys, We know that Ramadan is one of the most popular and largest celebrations for all Muslims of World Wide. The Ramadan Calendar in 2022 will start on 02rd April. You must require knowing that Ramadan is the 02 May Month of the Islamic Calendar and all Islamic Starts by depending on the Moon setup.

When is Ramadan 2022 Start Time World Wide?

It is the most important question for all Muslim people. When having Ramadan 2022 Come? In this Year, The Mahe Ramadan 2022 will start from Saturday on 02 April 2022. And will continue for 30 days the 02 May of 2022. It is very important to know that in the Islamic Calendar. A holiday begins at the sunset of the previous day.

Ramadan 2022 Calendar

Ramadan Calendar 2022
Ramadan Calendar 2022

First Ramadan 02 April in Worldwide

First Ramadan 2022 in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, USA & UK:

Ramadan Start Time 2022 Dates Hijri Date
Mahe Ramadan 2022 1st  Roza 02 April 2022

1 Ramadan 1444 AH

You can now get Mahe Ramadan 2022 PDF File and Picture, Images, HD Wallpaper Version. Now you can now Download Ramadan Calendar 2022 PFD File. And you will see the Ramadan 2022 Sehri Iftar Time-Table.

Ramadan Calendar 2022 – Mahe Ramadan 2022 Time

Welcome to the 1444 Hijri Calendar for all Muslim Peoples. Here we provide Ramadan 2022 Bangladesh Roja Sahari & After original Timetable Dhaka or another district in Bangladesh. If you have any questions about the Mahe Ramadan Calendar, just Continue to visit our Web page. We will provide Update Information for you.


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