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New Year Day 2022 – New Year’s Day Fact

New year day: Saturday, 1st January will celebrate new year for the 2022 year.

New Year Day 2022

According to the Gregorian calendar new year marks the start of a new year. The new year day observed in United States of America (USA) as a federal holiday. On This day School, College, Government office and most of business organizations are stays closed. With United States of America (USA) some other countries are also observe this day as a holiday. Many of the countries of the world are started celebrating this day on from 31st December evening and it continue to early hours of January 1st. Everyone promises to do better than previous year. The day began with prayers and gratitude for some and for others are began the day with hangover conclusion. From now 4,000 years ago the ancient Babylonia’s and Mesopotamians started observe the new year.

New Year Day 2022 – New Year’s Day Fact

The Babylonians conduct the native equinox with Akitu, a religious genre spanning eleven days. The Egyptians numbered the new year with the overflowed waters of the Nile and the star, Sirius. To this very day, the Chinese New Year comes with the second new moon after the winter lon time. The evolvement from the lunar calendar to today’s Gregorian calendar begins with the early Roman calendar. Considered by Romulus, allegedly suckled by wolves who, along with his brother, Remus, flourished Rome. The original Roman calendar was initiated in the 8th century at the start of the native equinox with ten months and 304 days. Januarius and Februarius added by another Roman king, Numa Pompilius.

Happy Lunar New Year


Most historians’ recognition the Roman emperor Julius Caesar with developing the Julian calendar. Denominate January 1 as the start of a new year.

Celebration of new year

The new year celebrated separately in different countries and cultures all over the world. Peoples are preparing for new year with various type of food, fireworks, prayer, different types of sports and many others event. Many people start celebrating their new year at midnight with friends and family. Children receive gift on new years day. On Japanese culture everyone celebrates their birthday on new year’s day.

New year’s Day Fact

The end of an old year and beginning of a new year is called new year. People are all over the world celebrate this day. Many of the country in the whole world are observe the new years day as a public holiday. People celebrate this day to make memorable with their own culture. Different of the country in the world are celebrate this day different way. On the occasion of new year People buy new clothes, cooking various type of traditional recipes and do many more things. On New Year’s Day Peoples are give up their bad habits and promise to do good things on next year.


New year’s Day Fact

Here some Amazing fact about New year

  • Mesopotamians are the first who started the tradition of celebrating new year festival on 2000 BC.
  • Romans are observe new year festival on March 1st.
  • Peoples on Estonia are eat 7, 9, or 12 meals on New Year’s Eve is tradition in Estonia. People of Estonia belief that those meal will give them strength in the upcoming year.
  • Peoples of the different countries eat different delicious food according to their country tradition.
  • In the new year time on Denmark people throw dishes at the doorstep of other people.
  • In Spain People eat exact twelve grapes on 31st No more no less twelve.
  • Around the Buddhist temple bells are rung for 108 time on New year occasion in Japanese tradition.
  • Peoples are hanging onions to their door in Greek tradition. Greek people believe that it will bring good luck to the children in house.
  • In Belgium New year is not called as new year. The people of Belgium call it Sint Sylvester.

Best New Year’s Day Wishes

More Fact about New Year

  • The Finnish peoples are new year traditions as molybdomancy.
  • Every year on 1st January to celebrate the new year has decided by the roman catholic church. It was mark according to Gregorian calendar.
  • Julius Caesar accepted to celebrate the new year on January 1st in 46 BC.
  • From two face god named Janus, the month of January name is derive.
  • On New years day Japanese are eat long noodles. They believe that by eating long noodles they will have a long life.
  • Around the world in every country, people exchange their gift to each other on New Year’s Day.
  • Peoples of Cuba, Austria, Hungary and Portugal are eat Pork as a mandatory food on New Year’s Day. They Believe that it brings prosperity in their life.
  • Consuming alcohol is the most common way to celebrate new year every country all over the world. Peoples are all over the world take alcoholic beverages on New year evening.
  • The Rose bowl tradition follows by the Americans, which is not seen any where in the world. 18 million flowers are exhibite with floats under this tradition.
  • Sporting fixtures often take place on new years day in places like United Kingdom (UK), United states of America (USA) and Australia with bumper crowds usually attending.
  • The Scottish peoples are calls new year as “Hogmanay”. Also observe The famous all night festival Edinburgh hosts.


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