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How to Celebrate Kashmir Day 2022 – Best Holiday Tomorrow

Kashmir Day

Kashmir Day 2022: Kashmir Day is celebrated on 5th February. This day is specially celebrated by Pakistan. Many people have died due to the violence in India and Pakistan. This day is celebrated to pay homage to them. A conflict was created for the division of Jammu Kashmir and Kashmir. As a result many people lost their lives. Many Muslims were blamed for the conflict.

A leader named Hafiz Saied was killed in 2006. Kashmir Day 2022 A Pakistani leader first proposed Kashmir Day in 1990. The following year, the Prime Minister of Pakistan called for a strike. At that time Kashmir was divided from India. On the other hand, the US Prime Minister proposed to make Kashmir Day an American day. Later, New York decided to celebrate Kashmir Day. The people of Kashmir need religion, human rights and freedom.

Best Holiday – Kashmir Day 2022

History: Kashmir is called the daughter of the Himalayas. Kashmir is located next to the Himalayas. Therefore, Himalayan is located in the northern part of the subcontinent. India was initially a state. Later, India was divided into three parts. The two states went beyond Indian rule. Later, Pakistan occupied Kashmir. However, most of the people in Kashmir belonged to the Muslim community. Kashmir Day 2022 The war started with their religion and race. India and Pakistan rioted over Kashmir and Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir Day
Kashmir Day

In 1947, India and Pakistan were divided into two nations. Kashmir Day 2022 This conflict is created with religion and race. This created enmity between India and Pakistan and led to bloodshed. The people of Kashmir have been fighting for independence for almost 70 years. Many people have lost their lives in these 70 years. Many of these children have been killed.

The leader of the People’s Party of Pakistan declared February 5 as Kashmir Day. On this day, all government and semi-government activities in Pakistan are closed. They line the street around Kashmir Day. Also, there are processions, meetings, and speeches.

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Kashmir is being managed as planned. Kashmir Day 2022  The people of Kashmir have no security. Many people have to give their lives all the time. At the same time, many women and girls were taken away, raped and then killed. This is how the life of the people of Kashmir is going.

History Kashmir Day 2022

They are getting proper education, advanced treatment, not getting good food. Famous are making Kashmir cloth. But they are not given that price. They do not get proper reward for their work. They are being smashed to shreds. Kashmir has been the scene of several wars between India and Pakistan. This is a rare event in history.

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The world’s top leaders in Kashmir have failed to find a solution. Kashmir Day 2022 But the people of Kashmir are continuing their fight. They want freedom of speech. Wants to assert they are rights. The people of Kashmir have lost many loved ones. The people of Kashmir have to spend sleepless nights. Fear works between them all the time. They want to live right now. That is why they protested through this day.

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