Iftar Party Invitation Messages – Mahe Ramadan 2022

How to Invite Friends and Neighbors with Messages

Iftar Party Invitation Messages: How to Invite Friends and Neighbors with Messages? –  Iftar Party Invitation Messages Iftar is the looker of Ramadan because it gives us a chance to feel for the unprivileged, to get together soliciting mercy, to feel blessed. A table full of food noway seems so charming when we gormandize for our dear almighty and intend to break it with our dear bones with the order of Allah (SWT). To invite the loved bones to an iftar get-together, you need some iftar party assignation dispatches and wording ideas. However, please check these iftar party assignation dispatches and wording ideas below, If you ’re thinking of what to write in an iftar party assignation card or how to invite someone to an iftar party.

Iftar Party Invitation Messages

Iftar Party Invitation Messages
Iftar Party Invitation Messages

Please accept our cordial assignation to Iftar Party on ( date & time) at ( place). It would be an honor to have you at our place.

On this holy month of Mahe Ramadan, we invite you to dine in with us at our iftar party on ( date & time) at ( place). May Allah (SWT) gives us good and Halal Rizq.


MashaAllah Tabarakallah! We’re enjoying the holy month of Ramadan, and an iftar party is a must to celebrate the holy jubilee of fasting. Thus, please accept our assignation to a grand iftar party on ( Date, time and place).

To celebrate the holy month of sacrifice and forgiveness, we cordially invite you to join the iftar party we arrange on (date & time) at (place).

Let’s pray for tranquillity, peace, and justice together on an iftar party that we have arranged on (date & time) at (place). We hope your presence will make the event joyous and meaningful.


Iftar is the gateway to Jannah and forgiveness where we can feel for the needy and pray for eternal peace. I hope you will join our joyous arrangement of iftar Party ramadan.

Shoutout to all Muslim brothers and sisters who do not snick for snacks and fulfill the fast with proper rules. To celebrate your faith and patience, we have organized an iftar party on (date & time) at (place). Please do join us.

May Allah fill your life with divine light and give us a chance to beg mercy together on Iftar in ramadan. You are invited to our Iftar party on (time, date and place).


Shower us the joy you bring to the table with food. Teach us the happiness you bring through sharing. Please accept our cordial iftar party invitation on (date and time) at (place).

Ramadan is a blessed month, and what can be more blessed to get a chance to have iftar with you lot. Please accept the cordial invitation to our iftar party. Hope to meet you soon.

Please join us for our iftar party and make the event beautiful at its best. Let’s take this chance to beg forgiveness together fruitful.

Messages for Online Invitations in Ramadan

Invitation Messages
Invitation Messages

Cheering our spirit for keeping steadfast and patient during the blessed month of Ramadan, we cordially invite you to our iftar party. RSVP: name and contact.

We wish we could invite you through the meeting, but here we are spreading the iftar invitation online. We believe it will not restrict us from having iftar together. Please join us on (date and time) at (place.)

We invite you to our lovely gathering of Iftar party in this holy month of Ramadanul Mubarak. Your presence would surely make the event cheerful. Please join us.

We request the pleasure of your company at the ramadan iftar party of this year’s holy Ramadan. The event is scheduled to take place on (date and time) at (place). Looking forward to seeing you there.

We are planning to host a ramadan Iftar feast at (place) on (date & time) celebrating the joy of praying and fasting in Ramadan Mubarak. It will be a pleasure for us to have you. Hope to see you there.

What can be a better opportunity than having iftar together celebrating Holy Ramadan. Please do join the iftar party on (date and time and place).

We hope you will take advantage of the Ramadan iftar meet-up and pray to Allah for the community’s peace. Please join us in this lovely initiative.

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