Happy Grenada Independence Day 2023 February 7

Grenada Independence Day 2023 February 7

Happy Grenada Independence Day 2023, Celebrations, Wishes, Status & History! Today is On 7th February, Grenada welcomes all visitors to celebrate its Independence day on 7th February. Celebrations at the nation’s National Stadium include a military parade, cultural performances, island music, local cuisine, and fireworks.

Grenada Independence Day is one of the most popular in the USA. The best feature of the celebrations is that Grenadians display their national pride by wearing creative outfits in the colors of the national flag red, green, and gold. Here we are talking about Happy Grenada Independence Day 2023 All information is in this Post.

Grenada Independence Day Songs:

  • Sweet Home – Inspector
  • Oh Grenada – Black wizard
  • My Grenada – Ajamu
  • Grenada May God Bless u – Charles Carter
  • Beautiful Grenada (Levi John)
  • My Country (Randy Isaac)
  • Hail Grenada (Bobby Steele)
  • Home is where the Heart is (Super Teri)
  • Love your Country – Gary Williams
  • Hot Spot – Super P and Tallpree
  • My Land – Inspector
  • Island’s Call (Patrick Humphrey)

Happy Grenada Independence Day is celebrated on February 7, the day when Grenada gained independence from Britain in 1974. Grenada Independence Day is a public holiday in Grenada and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotic pride.


Grenada Independence Day

Grenada Independence Day 2023 Date:

  • Date: Friday, February 7, 2023
  • Significance: Grenada Independence; the celebration of freedom and independence
  • Also called: Independence Grenada or Happy Grenada Independence
  • Observances: Wishing independence, expressing patriotism, watching independence parades, beach picnics, hanging out with loved ones
  • Observed by: Grenadians (people of Grenada)


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