Happy Epiphany 2022 – Wishes, Status, Quotes, Messages & Greetings

Happy Epiphany 2022 - Wishes, Status, Quotes, Messages & Greetings

Epiphany orphans in Latin mean “the coming of the Son”. It is a Christian feast marking the arrival of Jesus Christ. The story of the Epiphany begins when He came into the land of Israel at the mouth of Jona, the daughter of Yashuba (Jsaundair). There He was welcomed by the Magi with glory and honor. In the Christian tradition, Epiphany marks the beginning of the season of Epiphany, which celebrates the gifts of grain and gift-giving.

In Greek, Epiphany means the coming of the blessed Bread. Though there are many variations in the Holy Message given at Epiphany, the main theme is the presence of the Holy Trinity. The people of Israel celebrate Happy Epiphany as the Feast of Epiphany, or Great Epiphany as it is also called by the followers of the early Church. The main highlight of the Epiphany celebration is the lighting of the candle on the Manethatry, which marks the entrance of the Holy Temple. In addition to that, many Christians consider the appearance of three wise men to Epiphany as the Most Holy Appearance.

Happy Epiphany 2022 – Wishes, Status, Quotes, Messages & Greetings

Epiphany History The Epiphany as a Christian festival traces its roots back to 70 AD during the Persian exile of the Persian King Cyrus the Younger. On that day, he had forced out the Persian King, Cyrus’ mother, through the force of his soldiers. As a consequence, the mother committed suicide by hanging herself from the balcony of her house on that day. Her body was preserved as a sacrifice to appease the wrathful Persian King. After the Persian King suffered defeat at the hands of the Christians, Emperor Theodoric restored the city to its previous status and celebrated Epiphany with great pomp and joy.



The tradition of holding the Epiphany within the church was instigated by Emperor Maximilian and his three kings who were installed as the new Emperor and rulers over the Roman territory. Theophilus, bishop of Rome, declared that the Virgin Mary could be recognized as the Mother of God because of the Epiphany message which he announced during the Epiphany celebration. Theophilus was the first Bishop of Rome and he celebrated Epiphany in the church of Santa Maria Della Misericordia, the place where Mary gave birth to Jesus.

Later, the celebration gained importance in different parts of the Roman Catholic Church. It was celebrated differently depending on the country or territory and it was widely celebrated during the spring or summer for most of the Christian churches. The Catholic Church celebrates Happy Epiphany differently too. They believe that the miracle took place on Jan. 6, the Nativity of Jesus.


In the United States, the celebration is celebrated differently as well. Some of the western churches like those in Orange County still celebrate the beginning of the season on a Friday afternoon. However, most US western Christians celebrate the beginning of winter on a Wednesday evening. This particular belief of holding of the Epiphany in various countries of the earth has become quite widespread among the people and holds true to the religious beliefs of the Christians. The Happy Epiphany celebration is undoubtedly one of the most significant religious events of the year for Christians.

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