Father’s Day 2022 Date

Father’s day 2022: The love of the parents for their children is priceless as no one can beat the kindness and love they have for each other. Mostly, people admire mothers and talk about them, but fathers are also equally deserving of respect. When we celebrate mothers day with full joy, why not do the same with father’s day? Father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year. Now. in 2022 it will be observed on 19 June. It is not about the fathers only but for all grandfathers, great grandfathers as well.

Father's day 2022
Father’s day 2022

Father’s day around the Globe

The world celebrates fathers day every year. But the dates and times vary from country to country. Countries like Uk, France, Ireland, Japan, India, the Philippines, South Africa, and China observe fathers day on the third Sunday of June. While Spain and Portugal have it on 19 March, it is honored on the second Sunday of June in Austria and Belgium. Iceland, Finland, and Sweden make the celebration of fathers day on the second Sunday of November. There is something different in Germany as they observe this day on the ascension day which is Thursday 40 days after easter.

Traditions regarding fathers day

June 19, 2022, is the day to relive your precious relationship with your father. It is the day to do all the hang-ups you do together, such as playing a ball game and ordering food at midnight with knowing moms.


When talking about gifts, there is something complicated as mothers can be lavished with flowers, recipe books, and spa days. But, what to present to your fathers on fathers day? Buy a gift for him according to his hobby, and give them greetings and wish cards. Write all the warm desires and prayers you have for him. Preparing a meal is a good idea! Yes, you can cook his favorite food and present it on a table with a comfortable chair to sit on. Add some spice by letting him choose what he wants to watch on TV.

What to do on Father’s day?

There are a lot of things and activities to do on father’s day. Also, it depends on the bond between you and your father. If you are friendly enough then watching movies together is a good idea.

The rest you can see below:

  • Appreciate him. Making your father feel appreciated is the best way to celebrate his day. To do this. Notice all the activities before a week or month, then tell him about every event that goes unnoticed.
  • Have a family day. We know it is Father’s Day. Well, he is the head of the family so why not make it a family day. So anyone can take part in it to make it memorable.
  • Choose a unique gift. There is always room for unique and unpredictable gifts. You know about his likes and unlikes so choose something accordingly.

Why is father’s day important?

There is a rude gesture about the fathers in our mind that they get aggressive quickly and shout. But these moments make us laugh later on. Sometimes, you will remember the time when you were just embarrassed by the joke your father told the waiter.

Fathers are the teachers as well. They teach us to change tires and fix lawn mowers. They are the most experienced people in our lives so don’t ever underestimate their teachings and moral values. They show us the right way to clean the food gunk in the kitchen sink. They are everywhere when we need them.

Father’s Day Dates

There are different dates on which we have been celebrating fathers day for so long. It is different every year and also varies from country to country. We have this day on June 20 in 2021. We will celebrate it on 19 June 2022. While in 2023, it will be held on 18 June, in 2024, father’s day will be on 16 June. The common thing is that we celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June every year. Whatever the date is!


Here we have every single detail regarding father’s day, celebrate it the way you and your father love. Choose the right gift and activity for this day. Stay with us for more updates about the national day!

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