Bengali New Year 2022 / (Shuvo Noboborsho 1429) Wishes, Messages, Status & Greetings

Bengali New Year 2022 – (Shuvo Noboborsho 1429) Wishes, Messages, Status & Greetings! Welcome to Bengali Happy New Year 2022! Bangla Happy New Year is one of the Most Popular in Bangladesh, India, and all over the world. On this day, there are many people are celebrating Happy New Year Wishes, Messages, Status, SMS, Sayings, Quotes, History, Images, pictures, HD Wallpaper, and more. So stay with us and read the full article below.

When is Bengali New Year 2022?

This year, This Holiday date is 15th April.

Here is share all the necessary information about the Pohela Boishakh 1429 Wishes and more information. We know that this day is most important for all Bangali Peoples.


Bengali New Year

In this Content, we provide all Bengali New Year Images, Pictures, Wishes, and Celebration Ideas. Now you can share in this post your family member and any Person of Pohela Boishakh 1428 Wishes and more.

Happy Bengali New Year Messages:

>“A Very Happy New Year to everyone…. May the Almighty bless us all…?


>“May the spirit of festivities bring you to hope & strength. We may not be physically together, but, we must celebrate this virtually by connecting with our friends and family….” >***Happy Pohela Boishakh 2022***<

>“I hope the festivities bring cheer and happiness to people across the country…” >***Pohela Boishakh 2022***<

>“A fresh ray of light. Vishu, Baisakhi, Puthandu, Bohag Bihu, Pohela Boishakh, Bohag Bihu, Pana Sankranti …”


>“May Today be the beginning of a better tomorrow. Happy New Year {Happy Vishu, Happy Bangali New Year 2022…”

Bengali New Year Greetings Messages:

>“A very happy new year! Hope this new year is rid of all the negativity, disease, and despair and filled with optimism, good health, and happiness… >***Pohela Boishakh 1429***<

>“Wishing all a very good new year across the nation May we all rise from this troublesome time and grow closer to each other with love joy and respect…. >***Bangali Pohela Boishakh 1429***<

>“Happy New Year to all celebrating today- Happy Baisakhi, Happy Bohag Bihu, Happy Puthandu, Happy Pohela Boishakh, Happy Panna Sankranti, and Happy Vishu…” >***Bangali Pohela Boishakh 2022***<

Bengali New Year Wishes Quotes:

  • “Pakhir danay likhe dilam noboborsher naam…bondhu tomra ure dekho pabe sikher gran…purono sob kosto kore felo nosto…notun bochore notun jatra hoy jeno sukh ar benodon moy…ei kamonay tomader janai, shubo noboborsho 1429…”
  • “Dinguli jemoni hok thik e jay kete,tobuo bolo ki lav, purono srity ghete.e bochor purno hok tomar sokol asha.noboborsher etai amar prottasha…”
  • “Icche guli urre berrak pakhona dutti melle,din guli tur jhakna kete emni hashi khelee.opurno na thake jeno tuur kuno sokhh.ei kamonar sathe jnai “ Suvo Pohela Boishakh 1429…”
  • “shoroter hauyay dole kashful,notir dui kul tai anonde bekul.ek chilte megeher ek tukro alo,.ar kichui chaina shidhu theko onek valo.Bangali Shuvo noboborsho 2022…”
  • “Notun Posak Notun Saj.Notun bochor suru aj.Misty Mon, Misty Hashi,Suveccha janai Rasi Rasi…”>Shuvo Noboborsho 2022
  • “sukher srity rekho mone, mishe theko apon jone,man oviman sov vule, khushir prodip rekho jele.hajar surjo tomar cokhe, bondhu tumi theko sukhe…”“Bnagali Shuvo noboborsho 2022”
  • “notun bochor, notun vabe, notun sajhe, notun kajhe, notun anonde, notun valobashay, notun sobvabonay, notunotto chuye jak tomar hridoy…” >Shubo noboborsho SMS
  • “Happy new year Bangali , kalke korini message chilona phone e poysa,ami jani aj pathabo rekhechi mone vorosha.notun bochore phone korbe amake korbe care.valobeshe bolchi tomay…” >Happy Bangali new year 2022
  • “Chawa gulo pawa hok. asa gulo purno hok.sopno gulo sotti hok. dukkho gulo beday hok.notun bochorer din gulo sobar valo hok…”>Shuvo Noboborso 1429 2022
  • “Udito robir prothom alo, dur korbe shokol kalo.Matbe mon anondho dharay, sobai hobe badhon hara.dinty hok tomar tore, mon vore uthuk khusir jhore…”>Shuvo Noboborsho 2022

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